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On June 24th, one of the worse things a parent could hear, happened to us. Our oldest son, Sammy, was diagnosed with cancer--Melanoma.
He had swelling and pain under his right armpit. Had surgery to remove what was a tumor encasing some lymph nodes.
Skin was examined---nothing was seen. PET of organs and MRI of brain to see if there was any metastisis--NOTHING! Thank you Lord! is in his lymph nodes under his arms and on the back of left shoulder.
Surgery on August ... 1st for removal....and to see if they can find the path to the origin.
Please PRAY! Don't feel sorry for him or treat him any different--because he won't let you. He's positive, joking and doing great, considering. He's strong. He's young. He's got this! wedding selections under 1000
(Please, please, please....get a yearly check-head to toe-from a dermatologist!)

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