Some other people have posted about those ding dongs kneeling in protest. Here is a truth for them. Thanks for sharing John Clark.

Look, here is the BREAKDOWN kids since not a single person here can understand something so simple as to what the FLAG and the NATIONAL ANTHEM stands for or means. Let me explain it Barney style for all of you incompetent, narrow minded idiots. You ready ? The United States Colors are not subject to actions of men, they are not stained by the hist ... ory of people. The are indivisible and without prejudice. They are absolute and true. The FLAG and NATIONAL ANTHEM represent EVERYONE as a NATION!!! That includes you! The government is not our flag, cults and demonstrations are not OUR FLAG. The FLAG is all of us ! Together! And united, do you understand that ? If you take a knee during the anthem, you are taking a knee against YOURSELF. If you disgrace the flag you're disgracing yourself. To act as if OUR flag represent oppression or discrimination is EPITOME OF BEING THE PROBLEM. You cannot KILL the flag, you cannot kill something that represents everyone. Open your eyes and broaden your mind, take a look at your neighbor. The United States Flag represents YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE IN IT. Without prejudice. I'll leave you with this knowing it's true and pure in its entirety and if you can't agree then you're blind. wedding

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