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It's our agreed upon habits that mature into traditions.
The behaviors we agree upon, to bring success and prosperity to our adopted family, transition from proven recipes to well defined customs.

Especially in times of change, individuals must seek out alliances with those who share their values, in order to reach a higher level of success, than individual efforts can afford.

Where historical tribes were formed along blood lines and their limitations of mobility; the modern world requires a quicker, more flexible recognition of tribe potential.

We had better be good at selecting our allies based on their common goals and values, because the window dressing of style and demographic are so very fluid.
What used to be a badge of familiarity has become useless in this age of diversity. Skin, eye color, dress, and even economy... Are poor measures of tribe making. A better way is to witness performance of character, and how else can we do that without expending our own energy? wedding dresses for mature brides

Get outside your comfort zone and find your people.