modest wedding of the latter


Indu returning home is thinking only about Indira and all the happening which happened before between herself,Rishi and Zara.She is thinking why Rishi always Zara and was ready to die together with Zara,and if she’s Indira her mom.
In the street of CC she passes by the shop where the man always asks the little boy to massage his feet but does not say a word the man remains surprise and thinks why.
In SN the haldi ceremony preparation of Munna is going on,Indu enters and on seeing her Sweta asks her where was she roaming?Kutumbh says Indu is like her mom who always stayed away from all these preparations.Sweta gives Kutumbh a look and she changes the convo.
Indu goes upstairs to change her clothes and is still thinking about Rishi previous behaviour before Zara entered their life.
She has flashback how once she was standing with Sweta in front of the barsaati door knocking and how Rishi opened the door all angry screaming both at Indu and Sweta.
downstairs Sweta is having a weird feelings.
Rishi is looking at a suit he bought for Indu and says he knows he was unfair to Indu but that does not mean he does not love his daughter.Zara arrives and handles him a book which is a guide of how to raise a child.Rishi shows Zara the suits he bought and Zara says Indu will look like a little fairy.
Rishi tells Zara if she learned how to behave with children from the book as it seems a bit old.Zara says no for it one must have maternal love,and she feels it for Indu.Rishi tells Zara that to show him that she’s a good lover also Zara asks if he’s sure she’s Indira..Rishi says whatever the report stated but God also will have to accept that she’s none other than his Indira. modest wedding of the latter
Rishi asks where’s is Indu???
Zara searching for her meets Indu on the terrace and asks her why the talkative girl is so quiet if she does have any problem to share iot with her and she’ll try her level best to solve it.Indu is quiet looking at Zara she’s having flashbacks of her and Zara in Mumbai at Zara place and their sweet and sour moments.
Indu then again thinks about Sweta and how she said only Sweta is her mom and runs away.
Meher holds ZAra arms and asks until when will she run after others child to come downstairs where K is waiting for her.
Downstairs the haldi ceremony has already begin and khan is dancing (No more leg pain after…)with the children and Zara arrives she looks at Rishi who’s standing far apart.
Zara is moving towards Rishi and on seeing her K takes her to dance with him,Rishi feels a bit weird.Zara dances and Indur asks Ishaan to join him as all youngsters are dancing
Rishi is still quietly standing in a corner Indur calls him also and he says after when Indu comes downstairs wearing the suits he bought for her he’s overjoyed,and begins to dance,Zara also likes Indu in the suits.
A woman guest asks Kutumbh how will they complete the haldi as Mandira is not here(after a long time Mandira is being remembered again) Kutumbh says if Mandira is not here the haldi ceremony will get over…Munna cuts off Kutumbh convo and says here is her sister calling Zara.Sweta feels bad and Kutumbh consoles her.
Zara gives a look at Rishi who nods with a smile and she goes to apply the haldi,Munna turns emotional and has tears.She’s applying the haldi on Munna when Indu thinks this is the time for her to get the finger prints.She brings a white paper and lays it near Munna and pushes Zara but unfortunately Zara hand lands on the white piece of cloth where on which Munna is sitting.
Indu thinks this idea of her’s is flopped and what will she do now.
Indu says sorry to Zara.Zara finishes with applying the haldi and Munna asks her to dance with him.Rishi Munna and Zara are dancing,and Indu is still in a thinking mode.
Indu sees a girl coming with a tray of soft drink for the guests she takes it with her and serves Zara a glass of soft drink the latter refuses as she has haldi in her hand Indu forces her to take it as she must be tired.Zara takes a glass and drinks a little bit and poses the glass to clean her hand. When she searches again for her glass it cannot be found anywhere.
Indu takes the glass to the lawyer and tells him this is the proof.The lawyer says now this glass will be sent to the lab and in three or four days they will know if Zara and Indira are the same person.
In Sn Kutumbh is bringing Savita while Sweta is bringing the shagun ka haldi Munna comes to take savita and Kutumbh gets angry saying all these after marriage…Rishi takes Munna with him outside to dance where there’s Zara and Meher also.
Seher wants to apply the haldi on Savita Kutumbh stops her as she’s still a child and explains the importance of Shagun ka haldi,while Sweta keeps going and someone bumps into Sweta and the haldi falls on Rishi and Zara…