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Blaise has been admitted to 7 West for at least 4 days . When we were at clinic they told us he had ear infections ( my kids never have symptoms) and a sore throat. But his temp was only 98.7. So, doctor put him on an antibiotic and said to recheck his bloodwork in a week. No school till his ANC gets closer to 1000. We did his vincristine chemo, made our way to lower level for his spinal, did the spinal ,started his pentamidine and waited for him to wake up. While checking hi ... s stats, they noticed his temp was 100.3. So the nurse let the doctor know , and in the meantime they sent us up to OMO to finish out his pentamidine. When we got there he had the chills and when they checked his temp, it had jumped to 103 ! Did another CBC and a CMP. His white counts are low, bilirubin is elevated( but doctor not concerned) and his heart rate was elevated, probably due to the fever. Today was his last spinal , and next month is his last chemo treatment through his port . I guess he wanted to visit 7 West nurses again. Lol . Just wish I had packed and our room had a shower / bath in it. But it is what it is, Kenny will bring clothes and things we need tomorrow and Ill just have to walk down the hall and use the shared shower. Please keep him in your prayers. And thanks to everyone helping at home! God bless. bohemian wedding apparels in vintage style

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