beige or ivory color wears to a prom

"Eating all these vegetables and fruits, when do you eat food??"

I remember thinking this exact same way as I'm sure many do. What has been done to us as a people is disgusting when I sit back and think about it. "When do you eat food?" I eat so much food in a day! It's incredible to me I'm still losing weight really.

What if there were no restaurants, fast food locations, grocery stores? Has anyone ever grown their own food? Majority of the time you wouldn't have instant ac ... cess to "meat" so what would you eat?

However, we are in this society. If only people realized these businesses out here offering these "meals" the way they Do are in "Business to make Money"!! It's not the norm or correct in nature. They're not looking out for your well being. Cutting corners to fill your belly with toxic lab creations and recipes to addict you to taste rather than have you in the mindset of taking in fuel. You know, to live!? Instead we have learned to "live to eat" and to have self denial is a death sentence. We have been programmed to be ruled by our bodies and our taste buds. While the mind is told to sit down and be quiet like a little girl in a corner being intravenously fed heroin!

Insanity means to do the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. How do you treat a food related disease, such as obesity, with food? Granted, to eat the "right" foods is a great start, but the problem isn't treated by pleasing the body, it's by allowing the mind to lead again! Listening to your conscience and training your mind to deny the body will strengthen your mind and give confidence to try new things as I've learned. When I lack that mental flexibility and virility, I made excuses and give in to my body, The Bully.
Now I'm like a shattered house wife who won't leave her abusive husband cause he was just hungry I should have known better and fed him what he wanted. Not again!!

We are a nation of battered mentally and physically children who have got to learn that our oppressors do not have our best interest in mind but their own agendas. If not we will teach our children to follow the same exact way! I mean how many times have you fixed yourself that plate and then told the kids they can't have that, eat something healthy? You know how jealous that makes them and to think when they "Grow up" they can eat like mommy or daddy? Or how we can in the same breath tell others how they need to change their lives and eat better while we suck down that cup of acidic, sugary, highly addictive, chemically stimulating cup-o-joe? Who will be the next generations hero and not the childish bully acting like the responsible adult? beige or ivory color wears to a prom

When will the thought be, "It's not about me today"? When we are so beaten and bruised physically and mentally and full of shame we can't fight for others? Let's hope not.

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