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I've suddenly attained high blood pressure the last two and a half weeks. At first it was only about 160/94 then would go down gradually. The last time I went to my appointment I was sent to labor and delivery to be monitored for it. At my OB appointment today my blood pressure was 180/104 then went down to 158/102.
I advised my doctor I had bad headaches and Tylenol nor rest was helping them. She kinda shrugged it off. I had turned in my 24 hour u ... rine test on Monday and STILL HAVENT gotten back the results. Now I'm at the point where my feet, ankles, and legs are so swollen that it WONT go down for anything. I'm also feeling like I've got shortness of breath like my throats is closing up on me. They told me they would induce me on the 22nd but I feel like if my blood pressure is so high that I might end up with a still birth. If you guys could please give me an opinion on what to do. I'm really scared due to the fact I've already lost two pregnancies but they were early. Currently 36 weeks 6 days. DorrisWedding empire high waist wedding outfits

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