DorrisWedding elegant wedding selections with lace sleeves


Be sure and check out my Aunt and Uncle's WOOD FIRED PIZZA on the FARM in spring Valley, MN. It's called Rainy Days and Monday's.

The also have fresh baked breads, cinnamon and pecan rolls. I'm thinkin about an ooey, gooey, finger licken, just out of the oven Carmel pecan roll. You know what I'm talking about.

When you pull it apart slowly and the hot,........sugary...... Carmel starts to hang down in a curve and you quickly try to catch it back on the roll. Then you rub it in a pat of sweet cream butter and as it melts around your ooey, gooey morsel in your hand, you blow on it slightly as you see the steam rising up and you raise your hand to your mouth. You pause to take in a deep exaggerated breath, breathing in the lingering aroma of the fresh baked Carmel roll. You've been waiting for this forever. The anticipation of what's to come puts a smile on your face. You know without a doubt that this was the best decision you could have made. Your mind quickly flashes back to when you saw that delicious, mouth watering Carmel roll sitting next to the low fat, no sugar, everyday cookie. You knew you shouldn't.....but you couldn't stop thinking about it. You went over and over it in your mind trying to talk yourself out of it, trying to force yourself to choose the blazay cookie, but your mind was already made up. You whisper under your breath..... You had me at caramel!

As you regain your composure, you shake your head and snap back into reality. You can nearly taste the warm, buttery caramel as the aroma from this homemade "with love" from the farm treat nears your lips. You lick your lips with anticipation. The suspense is killing you but you know it will be worth the wait. As you take one more deep breath in, breathing in the cinnamon and Carmel scents, you open your mouth just wide enough to push in the tasty piece of morsel that has been perched between your fingers and thumb for some time now. As you taste the warm Carmel on your tounge, your taste buds go crazy and a smile forms on your face as you start to chew. Your eyes close, you breathe in......and.....release your breath slowly. Enjoying every bit of flavor overload that is going on in your mouth. Your eyes slowly open as you realize you are still smiling and chewing. You look around to see if anyone is watching, but you don't care. You are enjoying one of the BEST caramel rolls you have ever had. You feel almost euphoric and you know at that moment....nothing else matters and all is right in the world. You smile to yourself....shake your head quickly and bring yourself back to reality. Then you finish up the rest of your caramel roll and think to yourself.......every day should start this way. DorrisWedding elegant wedding selections with lace sleeves

Sooooooo......that's how I eat my caramel roll. How about You? LOL

P.S......NOW I WANT a caramel roll!!!