8th grade graduation dresses

So I had a moment today. Went to orientation for Malik and realized my baby is really in the 8th grade. 1 more year and we will be tackling high school. Time is flying and you are missing it. You're going to miss helping him get dressed for homecoming and prom, his high school sports career, his 1st heartbreak, graduation. You're missing everything behind some cowards and I don't like it... However my moment was short lived because I know 1. You're in heaven watching over us. 2. He has some wonderful male figures that help fill that void 3. Between my family and PaPa (NetNet too...) his cheering section will always be full. You know your dad is working hard to teach them all the skills I know you would want them to learn.,We always discussed you wanting your kids to be way better than you and I must say they on the way 2 basketball players, 2 football stars, and a pretty ballerina. I know your in heaven glowing... August is rough for me but this year it will be different I know you're finally resting in peace!!!! You will forever be missed and loved 8th grade graduation dresses Bereta Stuckey Hoodseries !!!!